Zabeth's Litter, born May 13, 2020

Jefflaur's Elizabeth France 9

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Can CH. Stonemead in a Summer Haze

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the Process

On May 9, Zabeth was definitely showing signs of being pregnant

On May 11 we got a spring snowfall, and she HAD TO cool her belly

the Labour

Zabeth didn't eat much of her dinner, panted all night on May 12,

didn't eat any breakfast, and was just uncomfortable all morning

even grandma Kyssez was worried about Zabeth

the Work

Zabeth was no different to all our previous girls...she dug a hole in the backyard, yet didn't get under the deck!
With some coaxing, OK, a lot of coaxing, we got Zabeth into the nursery in her favourite summer-time place - The Puppy Pool (sans H2O)

Zabeth's very first daughter was born at 12:45

and her second daughter was born just 10 minutes later

Zabeth's first son was born at 13:05

Some bonding time

A bowl of Goldens while waiting for another sibling

Their last sister was born at 13:30

Puppies, even fresh ones, know EXACTLY what to do!

Their next brother was born at 13:56

And the next little guy came out 24 minutes later

And their last brother was born at 14:43

Yup, that was it for exhausted Zabeth

the Results

Click to see everyone settling in
looking a little refreshed, Zabeth presents her new family

Life Happens (even during COVID-19)

Day One

Day Two

Zabeth is a good mom

and Everyone is doing well (they need their nails trimmed already)

Day Three: May 16
Click to see the three-day old Golden Retriever puppies
Zabeth is an awesome mom

Day Four

During The Great Lockdown, even momma Zabeth doesn't have to always wash her feet

First thing in the morning we removed the puppies' dewclaws

5 days old: May 18

You can see they are moving around, yet still look like 'our squeaky guinea pigs'

Day Six
Click to see the six-day old Golden Retriever puppies
puppies are growing...

A week old: May 20

snugglin' mom

Day Eight
Click to see a movie with mom and the  puppies

Day Nine: May 22
Click to see more pictures, including one where you can see eyes starting to open

Day Ten

The puppies are doing well
And starting to open their eyes

Day Eleven: May 24

(the cloth at the top is going to be mailed to one of their great-uncles, Cooper, so he gets used to the puppy smell before ones of these boys comes to live with him)
And their eyes continue to open

Day Twelve
Click to see a couple of more puppy pictures
Lots of sleeping still happening

Day Thirteen: May 26

Everyone is doing well and they are getting bigger!

Two Weeks Old: May 27

Day 15
Click to see what the puppies looked like ONE minute before

Day 16: May 29
Click to see active puppies

Day 17: May 30


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