Merlot's Litter, born November 23, 2020

Jefflaur's Marilyn Merlot

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Can CH. Stonemead in a Summer Haze

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the Process

It took about 6 weeks before she started to show her puppy-bump, yet Merlot definitely showed signs of being pregnant

the Labour

It snowed on November 22nd and we could tell Merlot was starting her labour

even great-grandma Halla was concerned

didn't eat any breakfast, and was just uncomfortable all day


the Work

Merlot was a little different to all our previous girls...she didn't dig a hole in the backyard, yet did try to get under the deck!
With some coaxing, OK, a lot of coaxing, we got Zabeth into the nursery in her favourite summer-time place - The Puppy Pool (sans H2O)


the Results

looking a little refreshed, Merlot presents her new family

Life Happens (even during COVID-19)

Day One

Day 32 - Christmas Day

The puppies were given a paper towel tube for Christmas, and mommy Merlot confiscated it, enjoying it for herself

And we had an escapee later in the evening

Day 33

Their last nap in the pool
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Later in their new digs that momma Merlot wasn't too enthralled with...

Day 34 - December 27
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Still prefer Momma Merlot's nourishment

Five Weeks Old


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