Kyssez's second Litter, born February 12, 2017

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Ch. Kyon's Daylight Saving Time

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the Process

February 8 - possibly from eating more, Kyssez was getting bigger

February 9 - and more uncomfortable

February 11 around 1:00 in the morning Kyssez woke up her human, panting and wanting out. Her labour had started.

As her last litter, Kyssez, like her mom and all their moms before them, was digging holes intent on having puppies outside. Thank gosh for the most part, the ground was frozen, yet she did get under the deck and started digging. Treats finally brought her out and the entrance was barracaded so Kyssez couldn't get under the deck again.

February 12: more than 24 hours after her labour started, the first boy was born at 01:15

He was an only puppy for an hour and a half, until his first sister showed up at 02:45

Their next sister joined them 15 minutes later (sorry, my timing was a little off, see Kyssez's tail? She's working on the next one)

Their new baby brother was born at 03:12

Fresh Golden Retrievers!

The third little boy was born at 03:19

The third little girl was born at 03:35

The last little girl was born at 04:10

Fresh Golden Retriever at 04:26

A bowl full of Goldens at 04:36 while mommy is working on their next sibling

The fourth boy was born at 04:40




The family all warm and cozy


more to come


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February 25 and 'running' to catch the milk truck

Two -weeks old: February 26

Wakey, Wakey... Mom just came in ...

Day 15: February 27

Getting crowded

So they spread out when they chase momma Kyssez

Day 16: Last day of February

Resting in the morning to attempt to walk at night

Day 17: First day of March

And doing the same thing again

Day 18: March 2
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Not too interested in eating the same food mommy does

Day 19: March 3
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Momma Kyssez dinner is the best

Day 20: March 4
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Do I look like a Golden Retriever yet?

Three weeks old: March 5
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Play Time!

Day 22: March 6
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We're getting bigger!

Day 23: March 7

This is the life!

Day 24: March 8
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Sleeping and Eating

Day 25: March 9
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Day 26: March 10
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We're getting there!

Day 27: March 11

Breakfast is just SO exhausting...

A month old: March 12

We're growing up!


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