Kyssez's first Litter, born September 24, 2015

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Ch. Kyon's Daylight Saving Time

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the Process

September 15 - getting bigger

September 23: Kyssez, like her mom and all their moms before them, was digging holes intent on having puppies outside. She even made an entrance and went way under the deck and started digging. Her passion at barking at passers-by brought her out so her human could keep an very close eye on her.

September 23 at 22:24h - uncomfortably in Labour

the Results

Kyssez and Logan's first son was born at 00:08

Who knew EXACTLY what to do at 30 minutes old!

His brother was born at 00:55

Kyssez and Logan's first daughter was born at 01:16

Another brother was born at 02:05

Boy #4 was born at 02:24

Finally, another sister was born at 02:48

Yet another sister was born eleven minutes later

The last little girl was born at 03:15

The last little boy was born at 04:14

Nineteen minutes later, still lined up at the feeding trough

Kyssez keeps cleaning them up, and stimulating all their body functions

Still at her 29 minutes later

Yes, this IS a fresh Golden Retriever puppy!

06:30 time for Golden mosh pit

before mom moves back in to get some shut-eye (along with their human)

Later that day,

a little cleaner

the Transformations

Day One

A little more cleaned up, Kyssez presents her new family!

Day 2 / September 26

Even at 01:05 a mom's work is never done

Even seven hours later

Yup, even 11 hours later...yet this face makes everything worthwhile!

Day 3
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Kyssez is a great mom! Again, it's all about the face

Day 4 / September 28

Keeping watch

Day 5

Twelve hours difference between the two pictures

Sorry, not the clearest

Day 6 / September 30

Without and with mom

One Week

They still like to line up

8 Days / October 2

9 Days

Starting to blink, even though their eyes aren't open yet (and need their first nail trimming)

10 Days / October 4
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I'm sure they can't see, yet their eyes are opening!

11 Days

A Mother's work is never done

12 Days / October 6

Trying to walk

13 Days
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A hard day's work and open eyes to see you with!

Two Weeks Old / October 8

You can see Kyssez is doing a great job!

15 Days

Lots of eating and sleeping (needing another nail trimming)

16 Days / October 10

First real food attempt - only one interested party

17 Days

A little more interested

They still have mom

18 Days / October 12
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Breakfast is looking better

Picnic lunch was even better!

19 Days

Everyone is interested in food now!!


fast forward


Day 31 / October 25

Growing up

Kyssez is still an awesome mom

5 Weeks / October 28

Remnants of Patricia forced their first rain day

Grandma Halla or mom weren't impressed

Day 36 / October 29
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Dinner outside is the norm

Needing a little help

October 30
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Aren't we just the cutest?

Day 38 / Halloween

Boo who?

Boo You!

Day 43 / November 6

King and Queen of the castle

November 7


Day 45 / November 8



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