Halla's Third Litter
born January 9, 2015

Jefflaur's MissChiefofValhalla

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Kyon's Rolling Stone

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the Process

December 30 and 31 - Halla does NOT want to celebrate New Year's

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January 5 - blah

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January 6 - still blah

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Auntie Solana hanging with Halla on January 8

the Progress

While being uncomfortable all night, Halla's water broke at 9:50 January 9

She wanted to go outside all day, yet at -10C her human limited access
(Halla was digging holes intent on having puppies outside)

the Results

Halla and Mick's first son was born at 17:25

Second boy was born at 17:55

Halla and Mick's first daughter was born at 18:20

Another girl was born at 18:50
(they are in the bowl while Halla is having her next daughter)

Halla's next daughter was born at 19:05
(can you tell which one she is?)

Everyone waiting for the next girl born at 19:44

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Halla and Mick's last son was born at 19:58

Halla presents her new family!

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Everyone clean and dry on January 10

The last boy born is the little one with the bandaid on. Halla was overexuberant in cutting his umbilical cord, so he needed stitches.

Bobbie Belly (that's what we called him) didn't eat from mom either, so we fed him through a syringe with a homemade concoction until we talked him into indulging in mom:
Click to see a close-up of Bobbie's latch onto his mom

Day 2 / January 11

Halla got Bobbie's bandaid off, yet medical tape and gauze worked just fine!

Day 3 / January 12

Sadly, Bobbie didn't survive.

Day 4 / January 13

Day 5 / January 14
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The smallest girl didn't seem to be drinking enough from her mom, so we supplemented with Esbilac

Small girl on January 15
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You can see the HUGE difference in sizes!

One week old / January 16

Between tube feeding Esbilac and sometimes drinking from mom, the little girl seemed to hold her own

Day 8 / January 17

Day 9 / January 18
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She seemed fine until early morning and was breathing heavily and cold to the touch. She left our realm around 04:10

10 days old / January 19
A boy and a girl


Day 11 / January 20
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Day 12 / January 21
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Day 13 / January 22

Two weeks old / January 23

Day 15 / January 24

Day 16 / January 25
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Day 17 / January 26
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Day 18 / January 27

Day 19 / January 28

Growing up is tiring

Day 20 / January 29

Three weeks old / January 30

and still playing lots!

Day 22 / January 31
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They were not interested in their first real meal!

Day 23 / February 1

The puppies SO prefer mom!

...just ask these two!

Day 24 / Groundhog Day

Day 25 / February 3

They are still a little finicky about food

Day 26 / February 4
Click to see a movie of the Golden Retriever puppies on February 4, 2014
yet still lots of fun!

Day 27 / February 5

One month old / February 6

Breakfast in the morning, and then hanging with big sister later on!

Day 28 / February 7

Breakfast in the morning, and then posing for the camera (is this my good side?)


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