Halla's Second Litter
born March 4, 2014

Jefflaur's MissChiefofValhalla

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Stonemead Game Keeper

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the Process

Auntie Solana hanging with Halla on February 17

and then again on March 1st

and Halla by herself, biding her time ...

two days later, Auntie Solana still watching over Halla

Finally, labour started around 2AM March 4

The first boy was born at 2:55

His first sister was born at 3:22

Their brother was born at 3:57

Their sister, and final puppy was born at 5:45

Halla was VERY tired!

Once everyone is dry...see the velvety mix of Gold and pink!

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One day old and Halla brought in a babysitter

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Yet really, all is good at one day old!

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Day two and same old...

Click to see another picture of Halla with her pups today
Day three/ March 7: Did we mention puppies like to eat?

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Day three / March 8: And sleep a lot!

Click to see two puppies sleeping together
Day four / March 9: ditto

Day five / March 10: don't forget the eating

..fast forward...(pictures in between to come):

yes, still eating on Day 11/March 15

Day 12/March 16 and they sleep

OK...and aren't shy either...

Day 12 / March 17

You'd almost think he was comfortable?

Day 13 / March 18

Soup's On!

Day 14 / March 19

Variety is the spice of life!

Day 15 / March 20
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Then again maybe not...

Day 16 / March 21

Day 17 / March 22

Getting bigger

Day 18 / March 23


And not to be undone by her brother...

Once again...fast forward time...

Day 29 / April 2

Day 46/ April 19



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