Halla's First Litter
born February 7, 2013

Jefflaur's MissChiefofValhalla

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Stonemead Game Keeper

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the Process

Auntie Solana consoling Halla

Labour Pains are NOT fun

First puppy, a girl, was born at 405h, on the floor beside the couch. She was quickly put into the puppy pool where she was supposed to be born, and her mom started taking care of her.

Number two, a boy, was born at 440h

The second boy was born at 455h

The threesome got to wait in a stainless steel mixing bowl sitting on a heating pad

Twenty-five minutes later, the last boy was born at 520h

The fifth puppy, another girl, was born at 545h

At which point mom was getting very tired

Halla's final puppy, a girl, was born at 650h

The next day, puppies all cleaned up!


the Progress

Day One

Day Two

Day 3

Their dewclaws were removed.

Day 4

Halla is a good mom

and the puppies sleep a lot

Day 5

Day 6

Halla is still a good mom

One Week Old - Valentine's Day

Halla finally frets less during the night (letting her human sleep more).

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

The puppies eyes are starting to open,

Day 11 - Family Day

Halla's family day was good!

Puppies are talking and almost walking...

Kong Wubba advertisement
and posing for a Kong Wubba advertisement!

Day 12

Mom and babies doing well

Day 13

Halla counts just to make sure all is well

Two Weeks Old

Halla keeps everyone clean

and watches over them

Day 15

Halla is a watchful momma

The puppies move around more

Day 16

Being a mom is a lot of work!

Day 17

Patience is a virtue

Day 18

The puppies are getting bigger!

Day 19

Yes, growing puppies eat and sleep a lot!

Day 20

Do they look like Goldens yet?

Teaching each other how to howl

Three Weeks Old

The puppies get their first dog food, and most just don't know what to do

So they play, and leave the left-overs for mom

Day 22

The second day of real food, they know what to do!

Day 23

They like food

Day 24

And still love their mom

OK....may too much...

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

One Month Old

A couple could crawl out of the pool, so all were invited out to test the waters...yet prefer mom still!

Jenny the Siamese wasn't impressed, so left quickly

Day 29
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All but one puppy escaped the pool, so today was the last day in the puppy pool

Day 30
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First day Outside for a picnic!

Day 31

Breakfast outdoors (right after indulging on mommy)

I think I can, I think I can...

It was still just above freezing, so everyone came in a played for a bit, yet knew exactly where to crash (notice the open gate)

Day 32


And then Playtime!

Day 33

It was raining, so might as well try to model for the Dog Food people

Eat some of that food dry for the first time, and crash....

Day 34
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Chewing on the melting snow

Five Weeks Old
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Gotta watch


Later they started going to their new homes (click to see more recent pictures of each pup):

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Harley's new family

Hudson on April 27

And other siblings grown up:

Grace on January 6, 2014

Molly on January 18, 2014

Kyssez on September 1, 2013

Neely on September 27, 2013

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